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Meet the Padres

Episode 29

Somebody pinch us. Did this episode actually just happen? Six months after the #HosmerToZeroChance movement began... it came true... and then some.

Brady and Rick had the absolute honor of recording this podcast from the field at Petco Park during batting practice. Come get to know Skip Schumaker, Travis Jankowski, Robert Stock, Trey Wingenter, Kirby Yates, Mark "Mudcat" Grant, and Eric Hosmer!

Some gems from the pod: Prank war update between Skip Schumaker and Adam Wainwright. Does Jankowski's nickname come from Nightmare on Elm Street? Has Wingenter seen the Larry Bird meme? Is Mudcat a traveling psychopath? Does Kirby Yates think the bullpen is better withOUT Brad Hand!? Will Robert Stock clock 101mph on the gun, and give ZCP 100% credit? Lastly, Eric Hosmer may or may not guarantee the Padres win the 2019 World Series. Let's do this!

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